Littlewood UE Chapel is an affiliate of the United Episcopal Church (UECNA) under the Missionary Bishop, the Rt. Reverend Mr. Peter Robinson. We are a lay-led Anglican community in Fremont CA with overlap in northern San Jose, having fellowship in the lower Bay Area and beyond. Our family circle uses the standard 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and a Revised translation of the King James Bible (ASV). For music we often use the New Version Psalter as well as many hymns borrowed from 18th-century England.

If you would like to form a class or chapel in your locality, say, in the Bay Area or even Northern California, please contact us:


Contact: Mr. Charles Bartlett
cell: 408-564-2435
email: ueprochapel@gmail.com


We follow the weekly and quarterly times below. Most devotions belong to Private Duties while Public Offices are determined by licensed or ordained ministers. Worship times are given below, and at our Events Page.

Private Services (in Fremont. please RSVP)

  • Wednesdays & Fridays (every week) 6pm, Family Prayer & Song
  • Sundays (every week except fifth Sundays) 4pm, Evening prayer & Catechism
  • Saturdays (every other) 4pm, Class Meeting & Preaching
  • other Solemnities to be announced

Public Services (in San Jose. See Calendar & Map):

  • Fifth Sundays (or special days) 4pm, Evening Prayer & Catechism


As a lay-led fellowship, our ceremony is typically “low“– neither using vestments nor candles. Though our Sunday service is in the Primitive simplicity of the home, we’re more ‘churchly’ when conducting public worship on fifth Sundays or other Holy Days. In other words, we’re stricter about rubrics and dress on such occasions. Our typical weekly service is Family Prayer on Wednesdays & Fridays, and Evening Prayer is every Sunday afternoon. We also meet in Society, called Classes, every other Saturday.

Sunday Evening Prayer is intended to provide friends, Anglican or not, without afternoon service to better keep their Christian Sabbath. The Office for Evening Prayer is found in the first-half of the BCP (p. 29-36). It includes the reading of scripture, Lord’s Prayer, professing the Creed, songs, and pre-written prayers. We often conclude our Sunday service with the church catechism.

Our UE Chapel actively promotes Class Meetings. Societal meetings were common among pious Anglicans and other Christians during the 18th-century. Following their example, we meet together for private prayer, exhortation, and mutual watching in our Christian walk. The enlargement of the family circle by participating friends can allow Family Prayer to grow into a class meeting. Accordingly, we encourage hearers at either Family or Evening Prayer to consider classes as a way of restoring our Ancient discipline.