Below is a list of special worship dates (Sundays included). Though we usually worship at our Fremont house, on occasion we convene at other abodes. We only ask you call (RSVP), time permitting, before dropping by, 408-564-2435. [above: the baptism of our son, Nathaniel, administered by Rev. Paul 9/26/15]


Color code. Orange =  Public BCP service, Grey = Private BCP service, Green = Regular Society Meeting, Pink = Special Society Meeting. 

Upcoming Event: Sunday 7/8/18

Evening Prayer, Sunday, July 8th, 2018 @ 4pm, chapel room, 4571 Richmond Ave., Fremont CA

Upcoming Event: Sunday 7/15/18

Evening Prayer, Sunday, July 15th, 2018 @ 4pm, chapel room, 4571 Richmond Ave., Fremont CA

The Harbinger Newsletter

Littlewood Chapel has a newsletter, The Harbinger, containing information on events plus more. The original “Harbinger” was a circular for the Calvinist Connexion founded by the famous reverend and revivalist preacher, George Whitefield. Whitefield’s Connexion played a substantial role alongside Wesley’s United Societies during the Atlantic revival of the 18th-century between England and America.

Given our general interest and imitation of English religious societies (the Methodist and older Woodwardian sort), we rebooted the same magazine, albeit on an incredibly smaller scale with a more anecdotal rather than scholarly rigor. We hope it inspires ministries like our own, continuing a modest legacy that stretches back to an older Methodism that knew Anglicanism as its proper and most endeared home.

Past Issues: 
Harbinger #1 (Michaelmas 2015)
Harbinger #2 (Midsummer 2016)
Harbinger #3 (Christmas 2016)
Harbinger #4 (Lady Day 2017)
Harbinger #5 (Christmas 2017)
Harbinger #6 (Lady Day 2018)

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Harbinger #7 (MidSummer Day 2018)