Littlewood ProChapel is our family circle in Fremont. While close friends are welcome to our private Fremont residence for Evening Prayer and Class Meetings, occasional public services (3 – 4 times per year) are at the Quakers’ Meeting House in San Jose, CA.

The old Meeting-House was built in 1885 and is located between the Rosegarden and University neighborhoods of San Jose and Santa Clara. Both chapel and Meeting-House addresses may be found in the map below. We’d like to build a circuit of class meetings & chapels that use the old Meeting House for Holy Communion and other services.

Please call or message for details. directions, times, etc..


Littlewood Episcopal ProChapel:
We meet weekly for prayer and study at our home in Fremont. All hearers welcome, but please call Charles or Amanda for RSVP:

ueprochapel@gmail.com or 408-564-2435

Friends’ Meeting House:
Upon the Rev’d Castellano’s occasional visits, we gather at a Quaker Meeting-House in San Jose. See our Events Page for more details. The Vicar may be contacted:

uecpriest@gmail.com or (951) 392-6193

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