We are part of a network of families and Protestant homes in Northern California who keep Private Duties, especially on the Lord’s Sabbath Day, using the American prayer book as an aid. Please join us! For more information see our emerging New Albion Network.


Littlewood UE Chapel is our family circle in Fremont. While close friends are welcome to our private Fremont residence for Evening & Family Prayer, occasional public services for Evening Prayer and other Ordinances are at the Quakers’ Meeting House in San Jose, CA.

The old Meeting-House was built in 1885 and is located between the Rosegarden and University neighborhoods of San Jose and Santa Clara. Both chapel and Meeting-House addresses may be found in the map below.

We are building a circuit of class meetings & chapels that use the old Meeting House for Worship and other Solemnities.

Please call or message for details. directions, times, etc..


Littlewood United Episcopal Chapel:
We meet weekly for prayer and study at our home in Fremont as well as other ordinances (like Class Meetings) . All hearers welcome but, if time permits, please call Charles or Amanda for RSVP:

ueprochapel@gmail.com or 408-564-2435

Friends’ Meeting House:
Upon the occasional visits of any UE ministers or at the discretion of our Clerk, we gather at a Quaker Meeting-House in San Jose. Public services include Evening Prayer on fifth Sundays of the year. See our Events Page for more details.

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