The Lists and various explanations below exemplify text that every lay-leader and prochapel home ought to possess and eventually understand. Much can be obtained online, both hard and e-copies. The following show the largely 18th-century theological roots of our movement. So, they are highly recommended.   


Our Beneficent Altar

Our Primary Helps: To better square Faith on correct principles, our family regularly studies the Bible and the Church Catechism using a number of supplementary materials. Such studies are assisted by regular readings from the Book of Homilies as commended by the Articles.

Among numerous longer catechisms drawn by Anglicans, the Lewis’ Catechism (1700) has prominence, in the course of one hundred years, enjoying more than fifty-editions mostly due to the favor of SPCK. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Gilbert Burnet’s Exposition on the Church Catechism (1690) also has a certain grit. We favor both works for their good instruction and charitable treatment of wider-Protestantcy.

Our bible commentaries belong to 18th-century divinity, likewise known for teaching the “faith in unity of Spirit” and “righteousness of life”: namely, Bps. George Horne & Simon Patrick; the Rev’ds Daniel Whitby, Thomas Scott and, of course, John Wesley. The Critical Commentary and Paraphrase on Holy Scriptures (1822) compiles many of their studies and is a convenient reference for our private discourses.

Sadly, electronic copies of Burnet’s Exposition and The Critical Commentary are currently unavailable. But, hard copies can be purchased. Please contact us if you need help acquiring bound editions of these important works.

Our Secondary Helps: We believe the following materials, though potentially controverted, answer certain cultural and ecclesiastical questions either rife in today’s broader Evangelical or narrower Anglican movements, e.g., problems with discipleship and/or other so-called egalitarian questions.

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